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In this article I will tell you how to treat your acne problem. I have been experienced acne more than seven years and i am very tired for it. I think you have the acne problem too, but not too long time like me, it’s no problem. I shall give you some tips to relieve acne and convincing the acne can’t be back again. These tips are very quickly to treat your problem and not about nostrum chemistry or wash your face, but to looking for the best tips for you. I hope this trick can work for your acne problem.

First you need to know what the type of your acne problem, because many of people whose treat their acne have been failed to treat their acne, because the treatment for everybody is not same. You can expose the acne which caused some factors, such as bacteria, internal problem, and possible clogged pores. If you know the factor that causes your acne problem, you will find the best treatment for your facial skin. I will explain all kinds’ fast and effective treatments for your acne. Just by select your type of acne such as severe, inflamed, whiteheads, moderate, whiteheads or mild.

By knowing what type of your pimple, you can find the best way to know your suitable treatment. As if you have lump that are not inflamed such as red, swollen, and pain, you need to unclog your pores with a chemical. After that your acne will be red and painful caused your pores are full of bacterium and clog your pores. The best medication is annihilated all bacterium and unclogs pores. View full article »


Everyone wants to be always hale and healthy, but without understanding the problem of health we can’t preventing diseases are attack us. One of the problems is diabetes. It’s a bad problem for our health, because you can get complications diseases of diabetes, if you can’t take care or treat your diabetes. If we have suffered the complications diabetes, it’s very hard to walk on generally of life. We can also get diabetes from inherit factor, you must know about other indication of diabetes if your family have history with diabetes problems. Therefore you need to preventing and learning indications of diabetes as soon as you can, because many researches explain that histories of families are related with diabetes problem.

Knowing about this diseases

Diabetes is not small problem. We must know about all the symptoms of diabetes, because everyone have different symptoms of this problem. Several people have apparent about this symptoms of diabetes, but not little of people are affected by diabetes that didn’t experience the symptoms of diabetes. Such as mostly of people whose affected by type 2 diabetes haven’t obvious symptoms of diabetes. Whereas if we affected of type 1 diabetes, we will get the obvious symptoms from the first affected it, because the ailment will as soon attacking us. Many of women also didn’t know that they affected of gestational diabetes when they are pregnant, because the symptoms of gestational diabetes are not visible up to the diabetes be severe. View full article »

Many diseases are caused by our body organs did not go well, such as if our bodies can’t produce insulin, and then we will suffer diabetes. In here we will lack of energy because the natural process of converting carbohydrates into energy will be disrupted. If we don’t treat it soon, it will be many complications of disease that attacks us, because the normal functioning of the body will be disrupted. If you are affected diabetes, the first step you should do is consult with your doctor to get the best step that can be taken.

You can take many steps to manage your diabetes, choosing a natural medicine or treatment is important step you can take. In addition you can also exercise regularly or diet naturally, with this step you will decrease the possibility of complications of diabetes.

Diabetes Can Cause Some Problems

Many diseases can be caused by diabetes, these diseases is a complication of diabetes which are generally more dangerous than diabetes problem. Read and learned all sorts of complications of diabetes below:

Diabetes mellitus, or often simply called diabetes is a condition related to blood glucose levels, caused by metabolism on our bodies which can’t handle it, so the sugar levels in our blood will be high. From that definition we can conclude that diabetes is a state where our bodies can not deal with the sugar in food.

Previously we have heard a lot of unlucky conditions of diabetes. Now the condition is getting worse, caused the number of youth who have problems with diabetes significantly increase. Diabetes is a complex issue of health and has become a national issue It is one of the serious illness that can not be negligible. Diabetes is a main cause of blindness in the U.S., approximately 16 thousand Americans have been affected to this chronic diseases. View full article »

Aging is something we hate, even a lot of people say that “we can not prevent aging” because they know that the course of time, tissues and other elements of cells in the body continues to grow. but the sentence is no more existing, because the way to slowing down aging and even reverse the growth has been found now. It is called anti-aging, so we can look younger for a long time.

we can look young and fit by using anti-aging techniques, because this technique can slowing down the aging. Make a habit to eat healthy foods, with this way you will look younger, because the nutrients are absorbed from these foods is important of anti-aging treat. View full article »

Habits of us are always afraid of anything that makes us uncomfortable, like always cleanse your face every time, when troubled by acne. It is natural for people who often have acne problems, but people who always careful with problem of cleanliness instead prone to acne problems. They continued to hope that by always cleaning his face every day, they will protected from problem of acne.

Here I will explain a variety of different kinds of acne. Kinds of acne cannot be expressed only 2 or 3 kinds, but can be many. We probably could have been expressed by adult acne, kistic acne, etc, but it’s too simple, I will try to classify the problem of acne becomes more specific, read and learn.

  • Acne Cosmetic: Frequency using of cosmetics can cause skin damage, one of them is that we will get acne problem if frequent use. Actually if we can control and choose using of cosmetics, we can prevent acne problems. With using cosmetics with ingredients that cause irritation, you are likely can experience acne problems, because the pores will react negatively to these materials, and finally will become agne problems.
  • Acne Conglobata :  Its type of acne didn’t caused by an object or material, but cause of hereditary factors. This acne occurs because your parents had severe acne problems, and you likely will get that problem too. View full article »

The smokers still do it even though they know that it is bad for health. It is very difficult to stop some of their usuality have done.there are people who keep doing it until today, despite years of smoking.

There are some tips that smokers can do, if you really want to quit . In reality, we are going to talk about this topic through this article. If we keep doing this habit, it is not possible we will have health problems such as emphysema and cancer, etc.Therefore, if you want to make big changes in your health, start to quit smoking now.

I’ll share some tips for you if you want to quit smoking:

  • Meditate – with this way, u can control what you think. You can reduce thoughts of things that should not be thoughts, and it’s easy to do. Try it with closed eyes in a place that is quiet and free of noise. You can also to try  listening  slow music. With this way you can think of anything more useful. And so you will be able to forget things that are useless or not good like smoking. View full article »

Hi meet again with me, a beautiful morning with a cold wind, finally I have one more fix a virus problem, yesterday my cousin came, confused about his sound recorder lost all data, its previous the recorder was opened at his friend’s computer, after take home, he found the problem.

immediately after me open file in recorder i have argument was that his recorder exposed to the virus, why could be ? because i found many short-cut and some recycled, it is due to the impact of one virus, after that  i am scan the recorder is exposed to the virus with my antivirus, it is true, the device is exposed to the virus, my antivirus immediately neutralize it, but what happened, apparently lost all file of the recorder, Iam joined confused with my cousin.ha..ha…

after that, iam try to unhide the file myself, but i cant fix the problem, then iam browsing on the internet, yeah I can fix it, I practice it and it worked,

the way I do, is give back attributes to the device partition , attributes likely removed by virus.

How to doing that ?

wrote in the terminal, cmd, start-> run-> and type cmd

then type the partition divide, my earlier example in the device are A:, click …..A: , and click enter
after that, add attributes that were missing attrib “-r -h -s / s / d” (without qoute)

Thanks God, by using the above-mentioned manner, the folders can be seen in the windows again.

I immediately sent the message to my cousin to take his device.
ok, thanks to read my article,  c u next time bye……..

Preparation About My Blog (First Post)

finally after a long time not writing blogs, I started again from scratch, I hope this blog will be a long time. I will try to always update this blog so that visitors are not disappointed, and could also be useful for the visitors. Within this blog I will discuss about life, sports, style, technology such as gaming, web and graphics , and health. Maybe enough so first I wrote on this blog CYA next time.